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You can sign up for free on our website in order to play in the betting contest. Test your betting skills without any risk and gain interesting prizes every month! If you already have an account, just login.

Betting Contest Ranking

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Green digit - number of bets won
Grey digit - number of bets back
Red digit - number of bets lost
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Rating FAQ

Number of virtual cents (¢) per month
All players obtain 1000 virtual cents (¢) every month to bet on. Each month, the betting contest is completely independent from the previous ones.
Monthly balance reset
Your balance decides your position in the ranking at the end of each month. This balance will not be transferred to the next month. This rule allows all new players to have equal chances in the betting contest as those who have been playing on our website for a long time. 1000 cents (¢) are available to every player each month which reinitiates a new monthly battle for prizes.
Your position in the ranking
The rank is defined by the sum of your account balance and the cents in the unsettled bets. This sum determines your current ranking in the betting contest.
The term ROI
The return on investment (ROI) is a percentage that indicates the profitability or loss of a player, taking into account the total amount of stakes. The more bets are made, the harder it is to keep a high ROI. ROI = net profit / total stake amount * 100
Betting Contest
Possible Winnings
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