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You can sign up for free on our website in order to play in the betting contest. Test your betting skills without any risk and gain interesting prizes every month! If you already have an account, just login.
All you need to know about the betting contest on
Main Questions
Contest Rules
Betting Settlement
Q What is the betting contest and what is it about?
A Our betting contest is a free prediction game where you can bet using virtual cents (¢) without any risk to win valuable prizes every month. You have an opportunity to place bets using real odds just like on a bookmaker website. The only difference is that we use virtual cents (¢) and award prizes for the best monthly players. Play with real odds and try your betting skills against players from all around the world!
Q How can I bet in the betting contest?

In order to place a bet in the betting contest you have to:

1. Add a bet to the bet slip
2. Click on "Place Bet".

A bet can easily be added to the bet slip either
a) by clicking on the odds to the right of this green button  in all match pages, or
b) by clicking on an odd in all other pages of (a window with the best odds will open, after which you have to click on "Add to Bet Slip")

Q What is a bet slip?
A The bet slip is a list of your selected bets. There, you can choose stakes for each bet and see possible winnings. You can switch between placing a single or multiple bet. After that, you can place the bet directly in the bet slip and the data will be sent to our server immediately. All bets that you have placed can be found in the “My Bets” page.
Q Do I need an account on to play in the betting contest? How do I create it?
A In order to participate in the betting contest you need to register an account on our website. The registration is free and takes a minute. You can register here.
Q Do I have to enter my personal data in order to participate in the betting contest?
A Contrary to real bookmakers, we do not require any personal data as we only use virtual cents (¢). The only information we need is an e-mail address, a username and a password.
Q Can I play for real money here?
A No. Our website is not a bookmaker and you can not bet on real money. Only virtual cents (¢) are used in our betting contest.
Q What are these virtual cents (¢). Can I exchange them for real money?
A You can neither buy nor exchange for real money the virtual cents (¢) that are used on our website. Each player obtains 1000 ¢ per month, which he can use for betting. Moreover, all players obtain additional 50 cents per day, so that they can continue to participate in the betting contest in case of the loss of all their cents.
Q Is it possible to buy, sell or increase the number of virtual cents (¢) in any way?
A No. You can neither buy or sell the virtual cents, nor receive or send them in any way. This rule is one of the basics of our betting contest.
Q How can I win something here?
A We award valuable prizes for the best players at the end of each month. The current months’ prizes can be found here.
Q How will I get my prizes?
A All monetary prizes are paid through PayPal within 15 days after the end of the gaming month. You have to enter your PayPal address here not later than the 20th day of a month. Otherwise, the prize will not be paid out and the won amount won’t be transferred for payment to the next month.
Q Which sport and bet types are available for betting in the contest?
A Major sport types are available for betting in the betting contest so that all main sport events are covered. The available types of bets are: 2 way, 3 way, under/over, double chance, Asian handicap, even/odd, both teams to score, team to score first, qualified for next round, sending off and penalty. We are planning to add more sport and betting types to our betting contest soon.
Q How do you define the odds in the betting contest?
A An odd in the betting contest represents an average odd of more than 50 bookmakers from all around the world. While playing with our odds in the contest, you can be sure that you are betting just like on a real bookmaker website.
Bet Slip
Rating & Prizes
Bet Placement
Account & Sign Up
Live Bets
Saving the bet slip
You can save your current bet slip and edit it later at any time if you have not yet decided what bets to choose. The saving allows you to keep your chosen bets and stakes. If you come back later and want to recover your bet slip, simply add any bet to the bet slip and click on “Recover bet slip”. Your previously saved bet slip and its respective bets and stakes will be immediately recovered.
Deleting bets
Click on this little white crossto the left of any bet in order to remove this bet from the bet slip. You can also delete all bets at once from the bet slip by clicking on the basket in the top right corner of the bet slip.
Your position in the ranking
The rank is defined by the sum of your account balance and the cents in the unsettled bets. This sum determines your current ranking in the betting contest.
Payout of prizes
All monetary prizes are paid through PayPal within 15 days after the end of the gaming month. You have to enter your PayPal address here not later than the 20th day of a month. Otherwise, the prize will not be paid out and the won amount won’t be transferred for payment to the next month.
Prizes of this month
The top 20 players of our betting contest receive prizes this month. Feel free to check the details on the bottom of the betting contest overview page.
The term ROI
The return on investment (ROI) is a percentage that indicates the profitability or loss of a player, taking into account the total amount of stakes. The more bets are made, the harder it is to keep a high ROI. ROI = net profit / total stake amount * 100
Prizes coloured in grey and red
Some prize money is displayed in grey in the ranking. This means that the player has not entered his PayPal address and his position will not be taken into account for the prize money payout at the end of the month. If the prize money is indicated in red, the prize will be paid out to the PayPal wallet.
Minimum and maximum stake
The minimum stake is 10 cents (¢). The maximum stake depends on the bet and sport type. These rules help us to proceed against unfair players since our betting contest is all about fun, fairness and competition.
Events that participate in the betting contest
The selection of events and matches on which bets are accepted is chosen according to certain rules and our algorithm. You can currently bet on most football and tennis events.
No geographical restrictions for players
Comparing to real bookmakers who only accept players from certain countries, our betting contest is accessible to anybody no matter where they live. Register in a few minutes and discover the world of our betting contest!
Playing with multiple accounts
A player is allowed to have only one account on our website. A violation of this rule results in immediate and total exclusion from the site and suspension of the player in the betting contest. Do not try to create a second account through a proxy, VPN or other means. You risk losing all your accounts at once.
Number of virtual cents (¢) per month
All players obtain 1000 virtual cents (¢) every month to bet on. Each month, the betting contest is completely independent from the previous ones.
Monthly balance reset
Your balance decides your position in the ranking at the end of each month. This balance will not be transferred to the next month. This rule allows all new players to have equal chances in the betting contest as those who have been playing on our website for a long time. 1000 cents (¢) are available to every player each month which reinitiates a new monthly battle for prizes.
A new month starts according to the UTC time zone
The start of the monthly betting contest is defined according to the UTC time zone. You can check your offset to the UTC time zone at the top right of each page.
Betting on games that start next month
If you bet on a game that starts in another month, the virtual cents (¢) of that month will be debited from your account. A simple example of a single bet: your balance is 500 ¢ in January and 1000 ¢ in February. You place a bet on January 25 with a 100 ¢ stake on a game that starts on February 3. After placing the bet, your January balance will remain at 500 ¢ while the February balance will be decreased to 900 ¢. In the case of a combination bet, the date of the last match defines from which month’s balance the cents will be debited.
Additional daily 50 ¢ in the balance
All players additional obtain 50 ¢ daily, so that they can continue to play in the betting contest even in case of a loss of all their cents.
Placement of live bets
You can place live bets in the same way as pre-match bets. This can be done either in any match page or in the live odds page. A live bet is marked with the icon LIVE in the bet slip. Please keep in mind that the live odds may change very often (every 15 to 30 seconds).
A game is blocked and no bets are accepted
This can happen during a match when a specific action is taking place that may directly affect the bet outcome (for example, a goal is scored, a free kick or a penalty are awarded, etc.). Usually you have to wait a few seconds or minutes and the odds should be open for betting again.
Q How are the bets settled?
A Usually bets are automatically settled a few minutes after the final whistle. In some cases, for example, if the game is postponed or cancelled, the bets are settled manually by our support team. This can take from a few minutes to several hours.
Q How can I check the outcome of my bet?
A You can find all settled and unsettled bets in the “My Bets” page. There, you will see if you have won your bet and how many virtual cents (¢) you have exactly won or lost.
Q I have placed my bet by mistake. Can I still cancel it?
A You can not cancel a bet in the betting contest. The click on "Place Bet" means that you have made your final decision. If you are unsure about your choice, you can save your betting slip without placing it as described here.
Q My bet was settled incorrectly. What should I do?
A Please contact us immediately, specify the number of the bet and describe the problem as detailed as possible.
Q My bet was canceled. Why?
A A bet can be canceled for several reasons. On the one hand, this can happen if a game has not been played till the end or if it has been postponed to a later time. On the other hand, a bet can be canceled if our admin team consider that the bet has been placed in an unfair way (such as a live bet immediately after a goal). If you disagree with this decision, please contact us and we will review your case in details.
Q Can there be mistakes in the betting lines?
Together with our partners, we try to display the start time, statistics and odds of all games as correctly as possible. Unfortunately, mistakes cannot always be avoided. Our team therefore reserves the right to correct any obvious mistakes and to settle bets as following:

- if a pre-match bet has been placed after the actual start of an event, it is considered as invalid regardless of the result
- if a pre-match or live bet has been placed with an “incorrect” odd, it will be considered as invalid regardless of the outcome of the event. The term “incorrect” odd is determined by the team.
Q How are interrupted and cancelled events settled?
If an event is interrupted, we may still consider it as a finished one and settle the correspondent bets with following conditions: football matches must be played no less than 60 minutes, hockey - not less than 45 minutes, tennis - not less than a full set, basketball - not less than 35 minutes.

An interrupted event that has not been completed within 5 hours can be declared as invalid by our team. All bets on this game will be refunded except for those whose outcome was already known (e.g. a bet on the first goal or the total of the goals in the first half).

If a game is postponed for more than 48 hours, all bets on that game will be void.
Q How are boxing and MMA bets settled?

We do accept boxing and MMA bets on the following types of bet only: 2 way (cents back in case of a draw), 3 way, double chance and under/over bets on completely finished rounds. This means that in case of a KO in round 3 for example, the number of rounds in this fight would be 2.

If a fight does not take place, the bets will be settled with a 1.0 odd.

Q How are volleyball bets settled?
A Bets on handicaps, under/over and even/odd in volleyball matches are settled on the number of points won by the teams. For example, if a team A has won 3:1 (25:20, 20:25, 25:20, 25:20), it means that this team has scored 10 points more than its opponent. The total amount of points would be 180 in this case. A bet on even would also be a winning one in this example.
Betting Contest
Possible Winnings
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